Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs said that I am pleased that you are all here to join us today, as we celebrate Agriculture Week in Ontario.

And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the week then with the people who’s innovative ideas are moving the agri-food sector forward.

It gives me great joy to announce the top recipient of the Excellence in Agriculture Awards, Burnbrae Farms.

Ernie Hardeman  said For us, it’s one of the most important weeks in the year – to recognize the hard work and the ingenuity – the innovativeness of our agriculture community going forward, and obviously, we now all recognize the contribution the agriculture sector makes – not only to our economy, but to the people of Ontario – keeping food, the best quality food, on our kitchen tables.

Margaret Hudson, President, Burnbrae Farms has said everyone at Burnbrae is so excited to receive this award. So many people put so much effort into this project. I think the largest thing is the solar panels, because they capture the sun’s energy, and that is the energy that provides electricity to the farm.

Everyone just feels to be recognized for our environmental leadership, for our innovation and farming, and you know, especially during these trying times, it’s great to have such positive news to provide everybody with a little bit of inspiration. We actually produce more energy than we use on an annual basis – and so, not only do we have all of these chickens off-the-grid, but we actually have actually reduced the carbon-footprint of the adjoining farm as well.

We actually pack these eggs into our “Green Valley” brand name, so people can be assured that they were sourced from green energy.