Attock police have been facing acute shortage of manpower for the last many years thus hampering the performance of this department as even at present 338 seats of different ranks are lying vacant . Because of this shortage the cops are to work round the clock mostly . At present Attock district has six tehsils and in these six tehsils there are 14 police stations , a few check posts and five riverine posts . The approved manpower for these police stations and check posts is 2665 which include one DPO , 01 SP Investigation , 01 ASP , 08 DSPs , 02 DSP Legal , 08 Inspector Legal , 29 Inspectors , 188 Sub Inspectors , 257 ASIs , 432 Head Constables , 1522 constables , 24 lady constables and 197 drivers . Against this approved strength the seats of 02 DSP Legal , 08 Inspectors Legal , 13 Inspectors , 79 Sub Inspectors , 68 ASIs , 86 Head Constables , 51 constables and 47 drivers have been lying vacant . These 338 vacant seats are certainly not only hampering the performance of Attock police but also resulting in over burden on the available manpower .,Because of this shortage the available manpower neither avail week ends nor can pack up in time . Because of this shortage mostly the officers and subordinate staff can not avail leave facility and to remain away from their families . Because of shortage of man power not only the department is suffering but the cops are also facing many personal problems .They cannot avail week ends or long leaves , mostly they remain on duty and even cannot celebrate Eids with their families . Funds as per the requirement of police stations are not provided for investigation and other purposes which is certainly a big issue .Beside providing sufficient funds and over coming shortage of manpower Govt must also know that a uniformed force need better messing , better accommodation (single or married ) better health facilities , better schools for its children which the govt could not provide so for . Once these facilities are not ensured then certainly performance of Police Department could not be improved .