Returning Officer Attock Cantt has allowed recounting of votes in Ward I Attock Cantt on the request of a candidate who lost election. A press release issued from the office of Returning Officer says this . As per the press release the result of Cantt Board Election in Ward I Attock was compiled in a proper way and it’s copies were handed over to the wining and losing candidates . However Syed Mehdi Naqvi a PTI candidate who lost election by just four votes has applied for recounting of the votes . The application of Syed Mehdi Naqvi was accepted by the returning officer and now recounting will be done on 16th September, in the presence of the wining candidate Malik Shahnawaz Nawaz and Syed Mehdi Naqvi PTI candidate. It is worth mentioning that in this ward Malik Shahnawaz an independent candidate bagged 1244 votes while his opponent candidate Syed Mehdi Naqvi PTI candidate bagged 1240 votes . Election Officer Attock Zaigham Altaf also confirmed the development about recounting of votes . Meanwhile the wining candidate Malik Shahnawaz while addressing a press conference alleged that govt machinery was fully used in election campaign against him and some female (govt employees ) who were also deputed for election duty on poling stations ran election campaign against him . He further alleged that at rigging was done at female poling stations and more than 100 votes were cast in favor of his opponent candidate in a fraudulent manner . While replying a question Shah Nawaz Malik said that recounting of votes was the right of his opponent and he was having no objections over it.