ATTOCK: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam has said that PTI govt is making all efforts to restore the lost glory of the country , putting it on the right direction of development and specially action is being taken against the mafias . He said this while addressing a corner meeting held in connection with the election campaign of the candidate from Attock Cantt Ward No.1 Syed Mehdi Naqvi at the residence of PTI local leader and former Vice President PTI North Punjab Taimoor Aslam . On the occasion PTI local leadership which included Rana Liaquat, Malik Ejaz Ahmed and others were present. Malik Amin said that Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘s refusal to give air bases to USA has restored the dignity of Pakistan and this refusal was not possible by any other political leader and this will be written with golden words in the history. He said , in the regimes of PMLN and PPP , all those who were busy in loot and plunder are now finding no place to hide their faces. Imran Khan is taking action against all the Mafias and will spare no corrupt element . Malik Amin said , our forces are playing vital role in defending our geographical and aerial borders and playing vital role in maintaining peace in the region . Our Air Force has also proved her metal by showing down two fighter jets of Indian Air Force and captured it’s pilot and now India will never think of entering Pakistan . He said , it is because of Imran Khan leadership that today world was considering India a terrorist state. He while talking about the Cantonment Board election said that the purpose of these elections is to give the residents of the Cantt areas to elect their representatives who better solve their problems . He urged upon the people to vote for Syed Mehdi Naqvi candidate from Ward No.1 Attock Cantt. Amin Aslam said , Mehdi Naqvi is residing in this vicinity and can better play his role for the uplift of the area.