There is no let up in India’s countrywide protests against the citizenship amendment act which was recently passed by parliament.Large number of women have gathered to show courage to lead anti-CAA protest in Delhi’s bitter cold.

As the air gets more frigid towards the evening, the number of people on Kalindi Kunj road in South Delhi thins out, leaving behind a large group of women on a 1,000-sq meter stretch who show extraordinary courage and remain unyielding in the face of merciless cold.

They are protesting against the CAA and the proposed national register of citizens.Mattresses remain hung out on the iron grille of a road divider through the day, next to tarpaulin sheds, before being laid out on the street for the night.

A tricolor forms the backdrop of a makeshift dais, meters away from a police team maintaining vigil.Banners were hung saying “stop police brutality”.Preparing for the night, the women from Shaheen Bagh roll out foam sheets said she is fighting for the future of her daughter, like their ancestors fought for their freedom.

She added that the trouble due to cold is nothing compared to what the government will put us to.The women have been protesting for 13 days against the new citizenship law and the proposed pan-India national register of citizens.

They were also at the forefront of the protests near Jamia Millia Islamia, which had seen violence and police crackdown on students.Around 250 women have made the road-stretch their home.