The EU stresses its serious concern over the worsening political and humanitarian situation in Venezuela. The continued actions against members of the National Assembly, including arbitrary arrests and the lifting of their parliamentary immunity, are hampering the Constitutional work of the National Assembly. The dramatic humanitarian situation leading to a massive exodus of Venezuelans from their country also point to the urgency of a political way out of this crisis, trough free and credible presidential elections.

The EU underlines the need for an increased coordination amongst all international actors in support of the current work towards a negotiated outcome leading to free and fair elections. For this reason, it is intensifying its outreach initiatives also through the International Contact Group and the recently appointed Special Advisor. The EU will continue to monitor the situation and stands ready to use all appropriate measures in reacting to developments on the ground.

In this context, the European Union reiterates its support to Norway’s facilitated process involving the relevant Venezuelan political actors with a view to a political and democratic solution to the crisis. It calls on all Venezuelan stakeholders to engage in this process in good faith and to pave the way for its success through concrete confidence-building measures, such as the release of prisoners. The EU stands ready to support the implementation of the results of this process if so required by the parties, and to continue helping those in need in full accordance with the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.