State Minister Hammad Azhar

State Minister Hammad Azhar has presented budget for fiscal year 2019-20 in the National Assembly budget session. The approximate outlay of federal budget is eight thousand two hundred and thirty eight trillion Rupees.

Addressing the budgetary session of National Assembly, State Minister Hamad Azar said one thousand six hundred and thirteen billon Rupees are earmarked for public sector development program.

Provinces will get nine hundred and twelve billion Rupees from PSDP and the net fiscal deficit is 3.137 trillion Rupees. 

Trade deficit stands at twenty two billion Dollars while the tax collection target is 5.55 trillion Rupees. 

He said government sector was facing deficit worth thirteen hundred billion Rupees and the expenditures of the government will be cut by five percent.

Defence budget will remain static at eleven Hunded and fifty billion Rupees.

He said new ration card scheme is being introduced from which eighty thousand people will be provided interest-free loans.

One hundred and ten billion Rupees allocated for Benazir Income Support Programme through which 5.7 million families will get fifty five hundred rupees each quarterly.

Provinces will be given 3.25 trillion Rupees. Seventy billion rupees reserved for dams.

Fifty five billion Rupees allocated for Dasu power project in the federal budget and forty three billion rupees allocated for higher education.

10.4 billion Rupees reserved for Quetta development package and thirty nine point five billion reserved for Karachi package. 

Hundred billion loans will be given under Kamyab Nojwan Program.

Talking about power sector he said forty billion subsidy will be given to gas and power sector mean while two hundred eighty billion Rupees allocated for five-year agriculture program.

Hamad Azhar said 2.5 billon Rupees allocated for crop insurance and one billion Dollars expected from auction of mobile phone licenses.

5.6 billion earmarked for livestock. Two hundred and eighty one billion Rupees reserved for water reservoirs. 9.3 billion Rupees earmarked for fisheries.

He said ten percent Adhoc relief for grade 1-16 civil servants and five percent Adhoc relief for grade 17-20 civil servants.

No increase in salaries of grade 21-22 employees.

State Minister Hammad Azhar said cabinet members voluntarily sliced their salaries by percent.