India lined up to vote amid unprecedented security as the final phase of a massive election got underway to decide whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi returns for a second term. 

Around 900 million Indians are eligible to vote in the seven-phase election, with vote counting to begin on Thursday.

Voting is being held on 59 seats in eight states including Prime Minister Modi’s Varanasi constituency. 

The grueling, 39-day poll began in the wake of aerial clashes.

The main opposition Congress Party and other regional blocs concentrated on the government’s economic mismanagement and inability to create jobs in their attempt to win voters.

Security was tight around voting stations in Kolkata and surrounding areas where people will cast their vote on Sunday.

More than 100 million Indians are eligible to vote in the final phase, covering 59 seats in 8 states.

India’s Parliament has a total of 545 seats, out of which the BJP won 272 in the previous general election in 2014 to secure a single-party majority for the first time in around three decades.