Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed the confidence that Naya Pakistan Housing Programme would bring about significant improvement in the economy of the country.

Addressing the Federal Cabinet meeting in Islamabad the Prime Minister said ‘Naya Pakistan’ Housing Project is being launched under one window operation.

About the state of country’s economy the Prime Minister said the foreign debt spiked to 30,000 billion Rupees from 6,000 billion in last 10 years.He said ministry of finance has been asked to provide details of previously taken loans.Prime Minister Imran Khan said more loans are being taken for rescheduling of previous loans.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the PTI government has launched its most ambitious and landmark housing policy of building five million homes in five years.

In a tweet today, he said the housing project will provide affordable houses for less privileged strata of society. Besides, it will generate six million jobs, create demand in forty industries directly involved in house building and attract foreign direct investment.