The UK government called the US strike “An appropriate response to the barbaric chemical weapons Attack”.

The pentagon said the Russian military, which supports Syrian government forces, had been informed ahead of the US action.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he supported the U.S. Air strike on a Syrian airbase, calling it a “Proportionate and calibrated Response”.

Turnbull told reporters gathered in Sydney that the use of chemical weapons is “Illegal and Abhorrent” and he hopes U.S. President Donald trump’s hard line response will eradicate their usage in future.

Turkey welcomed the US air strike on a Syrian airbase this morning as a “Positive” move and urged the international community to maintain its stance against the barbarism against civilians.

Saudi Arabia said it “Fully Backs” a US air strike on a Syrian government airbase. Japan and Germany also supported U.S attack on Syrian airbase.

On the other hand Russia and Iran strongly condemned the US airstrikes as Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it inflict further “Considerable Damage” to US-Russia relations which are already in a lamentable state.

Iran’s spokesman strongly opposing the US airstrikes against Syria, said it would merely “help the terrorist groups, which are on the back foot, and further complicate the situation in Syria and in the region.”