ATTOCK: Who will be the Chairman of District Council Attock. Nephew of Niece? Both are claiming their majority however what is in store for them will be clear on Thursday evening. The stage is set for 95 members of the district council to use their right of vote on 22nd December . The poling will start at 0900 am and will conclude at 0200 pm. . Focal Person Jahangir Mirza while talking to newsmen said that 95 members of district council Attock will elect their chairperson in Jinnah Hall Attock on Thursday 22 Dec from 0900 am to 0200 pm while the same timing will be observed in Municipal Committee of Attock , Jand , Hazro and Fatehjang for the election of chairman and vice chairman . For the vacant slot of Chairman District Council Attock Sardar Ahsan (nephew of interior Minster Chaudhry Nisar ) from PMLN platform and Eman Tahir(niece of Chaudhry Shujaat and d/o Former Distt Nazim Maj Tahir Sadiq )from PMLQ platform are on the run. Both the candidates are claiming their majority. Both the candidates for District Council Chairman seat are having political back ground are claiming their majority and have been using different tactics to ensure their victory.On the other hand on the same day the elected members of municipal committees of Attock , Jand , Fatehjang and Hazro will cast their vote to elect their Chaiman and Vice Chairman of their respective municipalities.