South Korean protesters march to the Presidential office to demand President Park Geun-Hye’s immediate resignation over an influence-peddling scandal even after she was impeached in the parliamentary vote yesterday. For the seventh straight week, protesters gathered en masse in the streets of the capital, but the mood was generally festive, after lawmakers on Friday voted overwhelmingly to impeach the deeply unpopular park over a corruption scandal. Although the move stripped park of her substantial executive powers, activists said they intended to keep up the pressure, with the impeachment still requiring final approval from the constitutional court — a process that could take months. And many were adamant that the president should resign immediately and face criminal prosecution. Organisers put the turnout at around 200,000 — smaller than previous weeks when the crowd’s passed the million mark. Until the court rules, park’s authority is only suspended and she retains the title of president and the immunity from prosecution that goes with it.