Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s attempt to hold a public rally in Rawalpindi despite imposition of Section-144 in the city fizzled out on Friday.

Hundred of people gathered at the venue of the rally, Committee Chowk. Sheikh Rashid arrived, talked briefly, and left the scene.

Meanwhile, talking to RPO Rawalpindi by telephone, the Chief Secretary Punjab said no public protest could be allowed under enforcement of Section 144. The RPO informed the chief secretary that the life is continuing in the city as per routine.

In reaction to Sheikh Rashid’s failed attempt to hold a rally, PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique said there was no one to listen to the speech of the so-called public leader of Rawalpindi.

“I have reached as promised, I have fulfilled my promised to hold a rally despite use of force against me and my supporters,” Sheikh said.

He reached the scene on motorbike, dressed in shalwar qameez and holding a cigar in his typical style.

The intense shelling faint several workers and  killed 4 days old infant child as aerial firing as going on, turning the area into battle ground.

Islamabad police have almost sealed Islamabad and Rawalpindi