The death toll Worldwide from the Novel Coronavirus rose to 239,000 and confirmed infections stood at almost 3.4 Million, with around 1.08 Million recoveries.

The World Health Organization reiterated that the Coronavirus is believed to be “natural in origin”, responding to a claim by us president Donald Trump that he had seen evidence that indicated the virus emerged from a virology institute in Wuhan, China.

Imported by the Brazilian Elite vacationing in Europe, the new Coronavirus is now ravaging Brazil’s poor, ripping through tightly-packed Neighbourhoods where the disease is harder to control.

There were 92,000 cases in Brazil with 6,400 deaths reported as of Friday.

South Korea reported six more cases of the new Coronavirus, bringing the Nation’s total infections to 10,780.

The Nation’s death toll from the Virus rose by two to 250, while 9,123 people have recovered.