The Worldwide Death toll from Coronavirus Pandemic has risen to 150,000 and over 2.2 million declared cases have been registered in over 193 countries and territories.

According to reports, at least 571,147 Coronavirus Patients have recovered so far.

Covid-19 fatalities mounted in the United States and hard-hit Western Europe Countries, but fresh data on rising infections and deaths in Africa showed the virus is leaving no Continent unscathed in its global march.

More than half of humanity — 4.5 billion people — was confined to their homes; with evidence mounting of social distancing success in slowing the pandemic.

The daily number of confirmed deaths across the globe remained high at over 8,800. Out of more than 150,000 total deaths since the outbreak erupted, the United States with more than 700,000 Coronavirus cases has recorded 36,773, Italy 22,745, Spain 19,478 and France 18,681.

Illustrating the increasing threat in countries less in focus, Africa reported its 1,000th death on Friday.