Pakistan Consul General in Guangzhou, Dr. Diyar Khan has said that the novel coronavirus was not going to affect the trade and other exchanges between China and Pakistan.

We have not issued any tourism or visa warnings, which will not affect trade and other exchanges between the two countries. In fact, these exchanges will be further strengthened in the long run, he said in an interview with China Economic Network.

China is our close friend and partner. We have a time-tested relationship. It’s an all-weather friendship. Our people feel for each other. Therefore, we do not regard the new crown epidemic as an event that disengages us, but instead focus on what we can do to help our friends in need, he added.

He said that Pakistan’s leadership contacted the Chinese leadership shortly after the new coronavirus broke out and added, our senate passed a resolution to express solidarity with China.

Pakistan, he said, immediately provided emergency supplies, including masks, protective clothing and gloves, and were ready to provide all other possible support.

We admire the effective measures taken by Chinese leaders to curb and control the spread of the new crown, and we believe that the virus will soon be defeated, he added.

About the latest situation of Pakistani residents in Guangzhou, he said that China was Pakistan’s neighbor and a very good friend and both the countries had close partnerships in all areas.This is why we have a large number of communities, businessmen and students in China.

He said that fortunately, only a few Pakistani nationals were admitted to the hospital due to suspected new coronavirus infection and except for one person in Guangzhou, the rest had been discharged. The patient in Shenzhen was in stable condition and would be discharged soon.

In addition, no new confirmed cases have been reported in the Guangzhou Consular District since the diagnostic criteria changed, he added.

The Consul General said that the Chinese doctors took good care of Pakistani patients and provided them with the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment. They were also provided with suitable food and clothing throughout their hospital stay.

We thank the Chinese Government, the Guangdong Provincial Government, the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Committee for taking care of our citizens and keeping us informed of their health status. In this difficult time, they really treated us as their own during this difficult time, he added.

To a question regarding, Pakistani expatriates who wanted to return home, he said that the Pakistani nationals of the consular district had been asked to stay where they were, remain calm, take all necessary precautions and have confidence in the Chinese government and its health department.

He said that the Chinese authorities were not only taking measures to protect Pakistani citizens, but they were providing all facilities and support in case of any problems.
We are glad that our consulate is calmly and courageously responding to the current situation, he added.

He pointed out that some of Pakistanis also volunteered to contribute to the Chinese government’s front-line efforts in Hubei and other provinces.