Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed joint session of Parliament on the second day of his visit to Pakistan.

Erdogan said Pakistan-Turkey relations are an example for the world. He said this friendship is not based on any interest but purely love and affection.

The Turkish leader said he is visiting with a large delegation of traders and industrialists and he will works hard to further enhance the economic cooperation between the two countries.

He expressed satisfaction that Pakistan is moving forward on the path of progress and prosperity.

He said Turkey shares the grief and pain of Pakistan. He said his country extended fully support to Pakistan during floods and other calamities. Pakistan also proved to be a true friend during difficult times on Turkey. He said he considers Pakistan just like his own home.

The Turkish President spoke at length on the historic relations between Pakistan and Turkey. He said the people of Turkey can never forget the wholehearted support extended by the people of this region during Khilafat Movement.

Erdogan also reiterated full support to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and said for Turkish nation Kashmir holds same status as that of Chana Kalay, recalling the support of the Muslims of the subcontinent during the fight of Chana Kalay some hundred years ago.

He said India’s unilateral actions have further aggravated the pain and agonies of Kashmiri brethrens. He said solution of the Kashmir dispute lies in justice not in oppressive policies.

Erdogan also lauded Pakistan’s efforts for peace and Afghanistan and said Turkey will also continue its cooperation in this regard.

The Turkish leader also assured that his country will fully back Pakistan in the financial action task force.

He said Turkey is fully cognizant of Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and his country will extend full support in these endeavors.

Tayyip Erdogan once again strongly rejected the US Middle East plan saying it is not a peace plan but aimed at occupying the Palestinian territory.