Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Thursday said Pakistan was the home of 50 diverse species of falcons but it lacked legal framework to manage falconry through its preservation. Therefore, the country for the first time was devising a national framework in the light of global experts’ guidance to conserve raptors and centuries old heritage of falconry.

He made these remarks during the field visit to observer hunting birds at the concluding ceremony of three-day Pakistan National Strategic Workshop being carried out from January 21 to 23 on ‘Conservation of Raptors in Pakistan and Safeguarding of Falconry at Bibla Bandi in Hazro. On the occasion Dr Masud Akhtar , Educationist Khalid Mahmood and large number of people from different walks of life were also present. A Heritage Sport’. Amin said, “Falconry is an ancient sport which gained huge promotion during the Mughal Emperors rule and it is known as ‘King’s Game’.

There is huge potential at the local level to boost falconry which would help Pakistan to curb the serious issue of illegal trade of raptors mainly falcons and other birds of prey.”He said the global experts including Chief Executive Officer of International Conservation of Falconry and Birds of Prey (IAF), President IAF for Asia Region, Head of Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) were invited to participate in the two day workshop held in Islamabad. They have developed a policy framework after detailed discussions with all stakeholders.

Amin informed that the variety of 50 species of falcons was a gift of nature for Pakistan which we wanted to preserve for our coming generations. “Out of the total 30 species are migratory whereas 20 are local species of falcons or birds of prey.”