Premier Jason Kenney and Associate Minister for Red Tape Reduction Grant Hunter receive a B- Grade on the 2020 Red Tape Report Card from CFIB executive vice-president Laura Jones.

Premier Jason Kenney has said that I thank the Canadian Federation of Independent Business for recognizing our work to cut the unnecessary red tape that has been affecting the growth of Alberta’s economy. We made a commitment to do this and this grade is evidence that we’re on the right track.

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction for three straight years, the previous government received a failing grade from the CFIB for their inaction on addressing red tape in Alberta. Now, we received a B-minus – our best grade yet. I’m pleased with our progress, but know there is more work to do to make Alberta one of the freest and fastest moving economies in the world.”

After three years of failing grades, this is the first year the Alberta government has received a positive grade. The grade coincides with CFIB’s Red Tape Awareness Week, an event dedicated to raising awareness of red tape that impedes businesses and job creators at all three levels of government.

Since the formation of the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction in June 2019, numerous actions have been taken across government to address Alberta’s red tape problems.

Moves that have had a direct and positive result on Albertans include:

  • Reducing delays for forest management agreements and small-scale and low-impact hydroelectric developments.
  • Making it easier to provide consent for organ donation through the online registry.
  • Reclassifying and harmonizing oil well service rigs
  • Relaxing alcohol consumption rules for parks, campgrounds and festivals.
  • Introducing the use of e-transfers and multi-year grant agreements to reduce the administrative burden on non-profits so they can focus on delivering programs and services.

Last year, the Associate Ministry established industry panels to leverage expert advice from leaders in each sector of Alberta’s economy. Input from Albertans will continue to be sought on our website and through engagement with small groups.