The Lok Virsa Folk Heritage Museum has portrayed antiquated cultures of South Asia to the present day folk heritage and traditions of Pakistan.

The museum has represented the evolution of culture and tradition through the ages in an excellent manner.

There are different galleries which has imparted the essence of present folk heritage of provinces of Pakistan, an official told APP.

He said Folk romance stories like Heer-Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal and Dhola-Maro etc., have been portrayed magnificently there.

Ancient Pottery including pitchers, stoves, pots and different kitchen holds have displayed in the museum.

In another gallery a bygone era with well stocked traditional costumes, jewellery and folklore have exhibited.

Balochistan’s rural life has been depicted in splendid way with dummy men and women wearing traditional Balochi garb and adornments along with mud houses.

One of the galleries is dedicated to architecture and wood-work which displays beautiful calligraphy on glass, marble and on wood, while another takes one from the streets of Moenjodaro to the atmosphere of present day of rural Sindh, he told APP.

The shrine culture of South Asia has also been highlighted.

There is also a music gallery with folk and traditional musical instruments and culture of Iran and China has been highlighted with different dummies.

He said Lok Virsa Folk Heritage presented the culture and heritage of Pakistan in an extremely impressive way, adding that a large number of people from different parts of the country come to visit.