AC Hasanabdal Adnan Anjum Raja

During ongoing clean and green Punjab drive, the local administration in Hassan-Abdal removed encroachments from graveyard and markets besides drainage lines were cleared of solid waste on Monday.

Assistant commissioner Hasanabdal Adnan Anjum Raja while briefing newsmen about operation launched by local administration said that some people belonged to qabza group have encroached on the graveyard land and established structures causing threat to local community. He said that officials of the Tehsil Municipal Administration with the assistance of local police demolished all the constructed structures and retrieved the land donated for graveyard.”There is zero tolerance policy for the encroaches especially who are occupying public or state land illegally”.

Mr Raja added. He further added that the main drainage lines are being cleared of solid waste by utilizing heavy machinery. He said that to remove the drainage and sewerage lines, heavy machinery is being utilized which would not only minimize the spread of epidemics like Malaria and Dengue but also remove chances of damages of lives and property due to over flowing especially Mon Soon season. Responding a question, Mr Raja  said  the illegal construction on main sewerage lines were impeding to keep them clean. “Around 600 illegal structures have been constructed on major drains that kept them blocked,” he said. At many places, the encroaches have left the drains so narrow that it made it difficult for the sanitation staff to access and keep them open, he said.

He said that efforts were  being made for demarcation of state land with a defense organization in Jallo and Burhan area which was  causing unrest among local farmers as well as population of the area. Mr Raja  further said that an aggressive awareness campaign would also be launched in the city with collaboration of public and private schools in which students would be sensitized about cleanliness and hygienic issues and their solutions. He said that importance of health and hygiene and cleanliness in daily life would be highlighted among students during campaign.