Clashes broke out in the Indian capital New Delhi today during a protest against the citizenship act and protesters threw stones at policemen, who fired at the crowd and used tear gas shells.

The crowd was protesting in Seelampur locality against violence during a police crackdown on a protest at the Jamia Millia University on Sunday evening.

Media reports suggest at least two policemen were injured.

Cars were damaged and roads strewn with rocks while small fires on the road sent smoke into the air.

Meanwhile, police have arrested over 10 people in connection with Sunday’s violence at Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia that left at least 100 people injured.

Nearly 200 people have been arrested in Assam for conspiring and indulging in violence in the state. More than 300 people were detained in West Bengal State.

On the other side Australians travelling to India have been urged to exercise a high degree of caution as violent protests break out across parts of the country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued an alert for India overall as Indian people respond to the country’s new citizenship amendment act.

Earlier, similar advisories have also been issued by the United States, UK, Canada and United Arab Emirates.