Prime Minister Imran Khan said, India has entered into a dead alley by repealing special status of Occupied Kashmir adding that Indian Troops are terrorizing people of the Occupied Territory and usurping their Civic Rights.

Addressing Margalla Dialogue in Islamabad, the Prime Minister called upon the U.N. And World Powers to intervene to end India’s gross Human Rights abuses in the Occupied Territory.

The Prime minister regretted that India despite Pakistan’s efforts to normalize relations did not reciprocate.

He also pointed out that India is following the R.S.S. Agenda of racial superiority and hatred that poses major threat to the Regional as well as International peace and security.

The Premier underscored that the peace and stability is vital for South Asia’s long term progress. He said, the South Asian Region is facing challenges like climate change and poverty which can only be resolved through collective efforts of all regional countries.

Expressing optimism on future of Afghan peace process, he said, Pakistan is playing a vital role in political solution of the Afghan Conflict.

On Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict, he stated that U.S. President Donald Trump asked him to play role in normalizing the relations between the two countries.

He also acknowledged Saudi Arabia’s support to Pakistan in testing times. The Prime Minister said, Iran has a potential to become Powerhouse if sanctions are lifted from the Country.

Saying that Pakistan has lot to learn from the U.S. And China, he lauded Chinese Leadership for driving millions of people out of poverty.

However, Imran Khan said, the U.S. instead dolled out trillions of Dollars on wars.

He made it clear that Pakistan will never fight others’ wars in future and highlighted Pakistan’s immense sacrifices in war against terrorism.