CBP Officers assigned to the Port of Vicksburg/Jackson seized 15 pairs of counterfeit Nike and Balenciago shoes.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers at the Port of Vicksburg/Jackson recently seized more than $4K worth of counterfeit Nike Air Max, Nike Air Jordan’s, and Balenciaga shoes from Hong Kong.

CBP Officers discovered the shoes at an express consignment facility in four separate packages marked as “casual shoes,” destined for an address in Mississippi. The shoes were seized pursuant to 19 USC 1526e for bearing the counterfeit trademarks.

“People often make the mistake of believing that purchasing counterfeit items are a victimless crime,” said CBP Vicksburg/Jackson Port Director Michael Morris. “However, these items often fund national and transnational criminal organizations, and cost taxpayers billions.”

A legitimate pair of Balenciago shoes can potentially sell for anywhere between $700 and $1,000 online, while Nike Air Jordans can cost as little as $100, and up to $1,000. Consumers shopping online, especially during this upcoming holiday season, are eventually likely to encounter fraudulent sellers.

“Counterfeit brand-name shoes is a multi-million dollar criminal industry that preys on consumers looking for deals,” Morris said. “It’s best to keep in mind that if a product seems too good for the price, it may not be legitimate.”

This seizure comes days after a similar, but larger, seizure in Los Angeles worth more than $2.2 million.