Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

According to Pakistan state media ,Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has that U.S. Troops had started to withdraw from parts of Northeast Syria after his phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump, adding that talks between Turkish and U.S. Officials on the matter would continue.

On Sunday the White House said Turkey will soon move forward with its long-planned military operation to create what it calls a “Safe Zone” in Northern Syria and U.S. Forces will not support or be involved in it.

Speaking to reporters in Ankara before departing for a visit to Serbia, Erdogan also said he planned to visit Washington to meet with Trump in the first half of November.

He said the two leaders would discuss plans for the “Safe Zone,” and added that he hoped to resolve a dispute over F-35 fighter jets during his visit.

Turkey wants to clear Kurdish militiamen – whom it regards as terrorists – away from the border and has sent reinforcement.

Kurdish YPG fighters have until now received strong support from the us, which has hundreds of troops in Syria.

In January, president trump threatened to “devastate turkey economically” if it attacked Kurdish forces following a planned us pullout from Syria.

However, the white house statement issued on Sunday makes no reference to the YPG, which has played a leading role in defeating is – also known as ISIS in Syria.

Meanwhile, Syria’s Kurds warned that a Turkish military invasion believed to be imminent would spark a major resurgence of the Islamic State Group.