Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik hails the speech of the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the General Assembly.

He has spoken well on all the 4 points and he represented the case of Jammu and Kashmir very well before the whole world through the platform of General Assembly.

Well done Prime Minister Imran Khan says the CPP. You have given a true picture of curfew and the sufferings of Kashmiri peoples during its 55th day of curfew.

Imran Khan also exposed the policy of RSS and the Prime Minister Narender Modi. He is brave enough to name the Indian spy Gulbassan in General Assembly and his role of spying and terrorism in Baluchistan.

He also exposed the dual policy of America and the European countries in dealings with the Talibans and on Islamic Phobia and terrorism says the Communist Party of Pakistan.