Police have arrested four Afghan nationals for possessing fake identity cards with the pictures of army chief and monogram of Pakistani flag from the jurisdiction of Attock City police station. All have been arrested and booked under the act . As per the details a team of Attock City police was carrying out search operation in Dar u Salam colony when it spotted four suspects who were later identified as Azizullah s/o Zawandai , Salmanzai s/o Zawandai , Umargul s/o Saar Gul and Zargul s/o Khaistagul all r/o Afghanistan . During their body search police recovered four identity cards from their pockets having their personal photographs and photos of Pakistan Army Chief and monogram of Pakistani national flag .

For possessing these cards they could not give any justification and satisfactory reply. All of them by possessing fake identity cards have committed a crime under the act 420 , 468 and 471. PRO Attock police Taimoor Alizai when contacted confirmed the occurrence and said that all have been sent behind the bars after registering an FIR against them. As per the sources these Afghan nationals have been living in Takbeer Colony Attock for quite a certain time. Police are also investigating who are the persons behind , who made these fake cards for them .