A UH-60 Blackhawk from the McAllen Air Branch of Air and Marine Operations rescued a Border Patrol agent after he was attacked by bees and stung hundreds of times. 

The Blackhawk was conducting patrol operations when the crew heard radio traffic about the injured agent and a request for EMT services. The aircrew flew to the location due to ground distance for the EMT and the agent having issues breathing. The Blackhawk flew the injured agent to a local hospital where he was met by ER nurses.

Air and Marine Operations employs agents trained as EMT’s and paramedics as crew members in its aircraft to assist in rescue operations. The Air and Marine Emergency Medical Service (AMEMS) was established by Air and Marine Operations to provide specialized medical capabilities and highly skilled tactical practitioners in austere airborne and maritime environments. Each AMEMs or EMT goes through 8 weeks of intensive studying during an online course followed by a week long training of hands-on experience.