Iran news service report that Iran says it has begun using new advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium – the latest step in reducing its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

Addressing a news conference in Tehran, nuclear agency spokesman Behruz Kamalvandi said forty such centrifuges were now operational.

He said Iran’s atomic energy agency had activated 20 ir-4 and 20 ir-6 centrifuges – which could enrich high-quality uranium.

Kamalvandi said Iran was now capable of raising uranium enrichment past the 20 percent level and, while it had no immediate plans to do, the clock was ticking toward the point where a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers could not be salvaged.

He added that Iran’s steps were reversible – but this depended on other partners returning to their obligations under the deal.

He said Iran’s would continue to allow inspectors from the global nuclear watchdog.