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In occupied Kashmir, after usurping all basic rights and freedoms of the people of the territory, Indian government is disallowing them to perform their religious obligations.

According to Kashmir Media Service, since abrogation of special status of occupied Kashmir on 5th August, the Indian authorities have not allowed Juma prayers at Srinagar’s historic Jamia Masjid and many other main mosques of the valley, which is under continued clampdown for the past over a month.

The authorities have now announced that no Muharram procession will be allowed in the occupied territory, fearing that these gatherings could turn into anti-India demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the Kashmir valley remains under strict military siege on the 34th consecutive day, today.

All markets, schools and colleges are closed while transport is off the road. Internet, mobile, landlines and TV channels in most areas are shut.

The valley represents a humanitarian crisis as the residents are facing severe shortage of essential commodities like baby food and life-saving drugs.

Patients are scrambling for medicines while doctors are facing immense difficulties to reach the hospitals.

Meanwhile, Noted Indian activits and Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, Kavita Krishnan, has said that the military dictatorship of India in Kashmir is a massive human rights violation.

Kavita Krishnan, who was part of a civil society team that managed to enter Kashmir valley last month, addressing a news conference in Kolkata said that Kashmir had been placed under a lockdown for over a month now, with no end in sight.

She aid such a prolonged lockdown of entire people, entire territory, is unpresedented. It is a massive human rights violation.