To condemn the brutalities and genocide of Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir , Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed in Attock also. Different functions were held and rallies taken out. Main function was held in Jinnah Hall Attock where Provincial Minister Col Muhammad Anwar Khan , Chairman PAC Syed Yawar Abbas Bokhari , DC Ishratullah Niazi , Qazi Ahmad Akbar , ADCR Ch Abdul Majid , AC Jannat Hussain and large number of people from different walks of life were present. Provincial Minister Col Anwar said that today we are here to express solidarity with Kashmiries and to condemn the brutalities of Indian forces , Moodi has shown his ugly and bloody face to the world by killing innocent Kashmiris and sending additional forces to Occupied Kashmir where already 0.8 million of its army is deployed.

He said but even then India can nit achieve its nefarious designs . Col Anwar said, curfew has been imposed in Indian Held Kashmir for the last ten days and because of this people are facing acute shortage of medicines , edibles and other necessities of life . Col Anwar vowed, we are with Kashmiris till the day they get freedom. Chairman PAC Syed Yawar Abbas Bokhari said, Pakistan is ready for all type of sacrifices for Kashmiris as it is our obligation . He said Imran Khan has adopted a very clear strategy in this context and has condemned India for abolishing the status of Indian Occupied Kashmir. . Bokhari  said , Imran Khan has given clear message to India a tit for tat response . DC Ishratullah Khan Niazi in his address said that Moodi was the biggest terrorist of this region who had put the lives of two billion people at stake. Qazi Ahmad Akbar in his address said that Kashmir was ours and we have to fight it till the freedom of Kashmir .

Meanwhile MNA Major Tahir Sadiq while addressing a press conference at his residence in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day condemned the brutalities of Indian forces and genocide in Held Kashmir and said that it was high time to take practical steps setting aside our vested interests . He said , Moodi the terrorist has taken a wrong decision at the wrong time and will have to face its consequences and will have to lick the dust as well. He lauded the steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan against the brutalities of India in occupied Kashmir and demanded that a powerful campaign be launched across the world to make people believe about the brutalities being done By India in Kashmir .

Tahir Sadiq urged upon the govt to convene all parties conference and also requested all parties to cooperate in this regard setting aside personal and political differences as it was high time to take practical steps in-spite of extending lip service. While talking about Jihad(Holy War) he said that govt can say some thing about it as we have to follow the orders of the govt being citizens of this country and made it clear that an individual can not start Jihad at his own. He said , present situation will give boost to more than 70 different movements working in India which will ultimately bring India to destruction and disaster .

Tahir said , Sikhs are going to hold referendum on 19th September in UK , Canada and other countries to take decision about their support for India and said that this referendum was announced a decade ago . Major Tahir said, India has negated its slogan of secular state by its recent brutalities in Occupied Kashmir . Major Sadiq While replying a question  said that Pakistan is an atomic power and no one must be in doubt about it. He urged upon the Gulf countries to ply their vital role on the issue of Occupied Kashmir and tell the world that they were behind the innocent Kashmiris