Deputy Commissioner Attock Ishrat Ullah Khan Niazi

Social Welfare Department on the directives of Deputy Commissioner Attock Ishrat Ullah Khan Niazi , has dissolved 38 SWOs(Social Welfafe Organisations) which have been acting on contravention of their constitution and contrary to the provisions of the voluntary social welfare agencies(Registration and Control) ordinance 1961.These VSWA(Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies) neither approached the Regulating Authority in response to notices served upon them nor availed the opportunity of being heard under section 10(1)of the ordinance 1961.

The order says , following agencies stand dissolved and their registration under the ordinance stand cancelled which include Alkhidmat Welfare Society Ghoramar , Social Welfare Society Mirza , Social Welfare Society Shakardara , Kashtkar Welfare Association Hajishah , Sustainable Development Association Attock , Young Welfare and Educational Organisation Attock , Anjuman Taaleem o Falah Kamra , Women Welfare Society Attock Kanz ul Eman Welfare Society Attock , Almadad Welfare Society Attock , Shua e Nau Welfate Association Attock , Almadad Welfare Society Gondal , Anjuman Farogh Taleem Attock , Almadina Falahi Tanzeem Boota , Anjuman Insidad Munshiat Attock , Himmat Welfare Society Attock , Kawish Welfare Society Attock , Pak Educational and Social Welfare Society Attock , Attock Youth Welfare Association Attock , Social Welfare Society Pindigheb , Nilhad Welfare Society Pindigheb , Community Welfare Organisation Khaur , Social Welfare Council Mithial , Abad Youth Welfare Organisation Jand , Anjuman Dehi Taraqi Domel , Mirjal Welfare Society Mirjal , Young Welfare Society Dhok Haidar Maira Sharif , Social Welfare Society Nara , Social Welfare Council Shahbazpur , Anjuman Falah Behbood Hasanabdal , Idara Rifa Aama Hasanabdal , Anjuman Falah Behbood Shahia , Social Welfare Council Kot Fateh Khan , Idara Samaji Behbood Hazro , Islami Falahi Committee Behboodi , Idara Falah Behbood Chachh , Chachh Naujawan Tanzeem Hazro , Educational and Welfare Society Attock and Islamic and Welfare Agency Akhori.

In exercise of the powers under section 10(2) these agencies stand dissolved and their registration stand cancelled with immediate effect and shall cease functioning forthwith.