Police have arrested a gang of culprits who had kidnapped a boy for ransom. Attock Police Chief Syed Shahzad Nadeem told newsmen that on 17/7/2019 , Farrukh Sultan r/o village Mirza informed police that his eleven years old son Umair Ali had been kidnapped by some unknown culprits and had demanded Rs 0.7 million as ransom. Police registered a case No. 169 u/s 363 and constituted a team consisting of DSP Naeem ul Haq , DSP Zaigham Abbas and other police officers and started investigation with out wasting time.

Police Chief said that the team using conventional and modern techniques reached the culprits , arrested them , recovered the kidnapped boy and the money taken as ransom. Syed Shahzad said that those arrested include Masud , Saeed , Akhtar , Afaq , Rayafat , Shafaqat and Nadia all r/o Havelian Haripur. He said that the police also recovered two pistols and three vehicle from their possession. The culprits are wanted by KP police also in different cases. All have handed over to CIA for further investigation.