Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged traders, businessmen, industrialists to help Generate Taxes for National Prosperity. 

Addressing a ceremony of Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he will sustain all pressure to implement reforms and assured that everyone will be brought into tax net.

He expressed the confidence that with collective efforts, they would surpass the current difficult phase of economy. 

He regretted that the country was burdened with whopping debt of Rs 30,000 billion in the last one decade by the previous rulers and half of collected taxes went for payment of these loans and interest. 

The Prime Minister declared that the Country could no longer function under such conditions and the persisting mindset. About 70 per cent out of total tax was being paid by 300 companies alone whereas the ratio of paying taxes in the service and Agriculture Sectors was Dismal. 

He said it is indispensable to broaden the tax net,? He said, adding that in the past, people did not trust the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) due to their bitter experience. 

He observed that the Country did not have financial resources whereas on the other hand, the people were demanding establishment of Schools, Universities and Hospitals. These could be possible when there were enough resources with the government and referred to tax collection measures in this regard.