The government will disburse interest-free loans every month among eighty thousand people under National Graduation Strategy. 

This was stated by Special Assistant on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar at a news conference in Islamabad.

She said interest-free loans of over three billion rupees were disbursed among eighty two thousand people across the country on the launching of National Poverty Graduation Strategy yesterday. 

She said these interest free loans will bring revolution in the lives of poor people. 

The Special Assistant said National Poverty Graduation Strategy is a four year program of about forty two point six five billion rupees which will benefit over sixteen million people.

Sania Nishtar assured that the poverty alleviation programs will be implemented with complete transparency.

She also announced that every month a new program will be launched under the umbrella of Ehsas. 

The Special Assistant said the present government cares for the deprived segments of the society and has also established Panah Gahs for the shelterless people. 

She said despite difficult economic situation, budget for the poverty alleviation has been doubled.