In Saudi Arabia, coalition forces have intercepted and downed drones launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in Sanaa province.

The spokesman of the coalition forces Colonel Turki al-Malik said the continuous attempts by the Houthi militia to target civilians will be constantly confronted by foiling them and neutralizing their hostile capabilities in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Morgan Deann Ortagus spokesperson for the United States Department has said that the United States strongly condemns attack by the Iranian-backed Houthis on Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia, the third such attack in less than three weeks. These attacks are risking the lives of many and injuring innocent civilians. We call for an immediate end to these violent actions, which only exacerbate the conflict in Yemen and deepen mistrust.

Morgan Deann Ortagus

We stand firmly with our Saudi partners in defending their borders against these continued threats by the Houthis, who rely on Iranian-made weapons and technology to carry out such attacks. We continue to urge all parties to work with UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths toward a political settlement and an end to the conflict in Yemen.