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Saudi Arabia begins Road to Makka project at Islamabad Airport today to facilitate Pakistani pilgrims.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs said a Saudi delegation has arrived in Islamabad to start the project.

He said establishment of a special counter for Road to Makkah has been completed at Islamabad Airport and the Saudi delegation will start performing its responsibilities at the airport from today.

Under the project, Saudi Immigration personnel will clear all the Immigration process of Pakistani Hujjaj from Islamabad Airport.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has started issuance of E-Visa for Hajj Pilgrims under government’s Hajj Scheme. Ten Haji camps have become functional across the country.

The intending Hujjaj will be provided passports, tickets, lockets and stickers before Hajj flight.

Flight operation for Hajj 2019 will start from Thursday.