Photo: The Swedish EU Representation

The EU’s strategic agenda for the coming institutional cycle, the long-term budget, appointments to several top EU positions and external relations are on the agenda as the heads of state and government meet in Brussels .

The EU’s strategic agenda for 2019–2024

EU leaders will begin their meeting by discussing a proposal for the EU’s strategic agenda for 2019–2024. The strategic agenda will guide the work of the next European Commission when it takes office in November.

The EU’s climate strategy

Ahead of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit in September, the heads of state and government will also discuss the EU’s long-term climate strategy. The discussion will involve what targets the EU will set.

The EU’s long-term budget

Discussions on the EU’s long-term budget, also called the multiannual financial framework, have been under way at several levels since the autumn. The heads of state and government will also discuss guidelines and a timeline for the remaining work.

The EU’s external relations

As usual, the EU leaders will address the situation outside the EU, including the relations between Turkey and Cyprus, the situation in Russia and the relations between Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership. Disinformation and hybrid threats are also on the agenda.

Top positions in the EU

One agenda item that will receive a lot of attention is the discussion on the allocation of the top positions in the EU. The first positions to be filled are: President of the European Commission, President of the European Council and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Later in the autumn, the head of the European Central Bank will be appointed. The European Parliament will appoint its President.

Taking account of the election results, the European Council will nominate the President of the European Commission, who must then be approved by the European Parliament. The European Council appoints its own President.

Euro Summit

On Friday, a Euro Summit will take place in an extended format. This means that EU countries outside the euro area are welcome. At the Summit, the heads of state and government will discuss the euro area budget, reforms of the European Stability Mechanism and the banking union.