Prime Minister Imran Khan unveils his 8-point agenda before Shanghai Cooperation Organization aimed at economic development and inter-regional connectivity. 

The main points of the Prime Minister’s agenda included reinforcement of a vision of cooperation that rejects confrontation, and advances the imperatives of peaceful co-existence at the regional and international levels. 

Addressing the SCO council of heads of state in Bishkek, the Prime Minister said galvanizing “Shanghai Spirit” was impetrative to strengthen SCO’s core mandate of mitigating the risks of conflict, fostering confidence, and promoting stability. 

The Prime Minister said for the first time in ages, we are seeing the advent of a multi-polar global order. 

He said Pakistan condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including state-terrorism against people under illegal occupation. 

The Prime Minister said Pakistan provides the vital connectivity between the Middle East and China and Central and South Asia.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said enduring peace and prosperity in South Asia will remain elusive until the main dynamic in South Asia is shifted from confrontation to cooperation. 

He said it is important to seize the opportunities for peaceful resolution of outstanding disputes and collective endeavors for regional prosperity. 

PM Imran Khan also had a bilateral meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus on the sidelines of the 19th SCO Council of Heads of State meeting in Bishkek Today. 

During the meeting, the two leaders exchanged views on all aspects of bilateral relations and reaffirmed the desire to upgrade mutual collaboration in diverse fields. 

The two sides agreed to increase the frequency of high level political exchanges. It was further agreed that the next session of inter-governmental Commission would be held during the second half of 2019.