The 14th Session of the OIC Summit in Makkah reiterated the conference’s principled support for the legitimate right to self determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with un resolutions.

Referring to the UN Kashmir report of 2018, the Final Communique of the Conference called for expedited establishment of a un commission of inquiry to investigate the grave human rights violations and urged India to allow the commission and other International Organizations Access to IOK. 

The Conference endorsed resolutions adopted by the OIC Ministerial Meetings. It may be recalled that the OIC Council of Ministers had adopted in February this year Pakistan’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir as well a new resolution on maintenance of peace and stability in South Asia.

The Conference called for Adoption of a comprehensive strategy to combat islamophobia, building on proposals made by Pakistan in the OIC Ministerial Executive Committee meeting in March 2019. 

The Conference commended Pakistan for its generosity and hospitality for hosting Afghan Refugees in the past 40 years. 

Signifying OIC’S continued attention and focus on the Kashmir issue, the Conference approved mr yousef Aldobeay of Saudi Arabia as OIC’S special envoy for Jammu and Kashmir.