Liaqat Ali Khan r/o village Bhatiot

FBR has sent notices to two individuals including a Wapda lineman asking them to give details about their incomes as millions have been transacted through their accounts. Both the individuals belonging to a remote village of Attock have denied the transaction of millions as both are living hand to mouth. Both are of the opinion that some one has used their CNIC for operating a fake account. Liaqat Ali Khan r/o village Bhatiot presently working as Assistant Lineman in Iesco Attock told newsmen that in 2014 he worked in Gadoon Textile Mills as labourer and left this factory after a few month because of some domestic problems .

He said that at the time of joining Gadoon Textile Mills he submitted his documents including copy of his CNIC and he was sure that some one got opened a fake account using his CNIC and transacted more than Rs 10 million . Liaqat said that for the last few years he was working as Assitant Lineman and in his meager salary leading hand to mouth life and never thought of million of rupees but FBR in-spite of nabbing the actual culprits was chasing him .

While giving details of the transactions he said that transactions of Rs 4.4 million , Rs 4.6 million and Rs 2.8 million had been made through a fake account opened in his  name. Another young man Atif Mehmood r/o Bhatiot told newsmen that he also worked as labourer in Gadoon Textile Mills and some one opened fake account in his name and made transaction of Rs 4.97 mill and Rs 4.98 mill of which he never thought. He said that he came to know about all this when he recived a letter from FBR asking him to show his source of income. Both Liaqat and Atif have requested the incumbent govt to arrest the actual culrptis behind this fake accounts episode and bring them to justice.