Border Patrol and Air and Maritime Operations Agents assigned to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained 30 foreigners from the Dominican Republic who tried to land illegally near the beach on Monday The Ruins, in the northwest of the island.

“We patrol the Mona Passage by air and by sea, remaining vigilant to deter and intercept any type of contraband event,” said Johnny Morales, Director of Air and Maritime Operations in the Caribbean.

On May 13, a coastal interceptor unit of AMO detected and intercepted a yola about half a mile off the coast of Aguadilla. Upon reaching the ship, twenty aliens jumped overboard and began swimming towards the coast. The crew of the AMO ship rescued the aliens using life jackets.

Border Patrol agents detained two foreigners who arrived swimming to the beach.

Following the protocol of the Inter-Agency Caribbean Border Initiative (CBIG), the AMO team transported 28 foreigners to the United States Coast Guard Coast Guard Richard Dixon for biometric verification. Foreigners with immigration or criminal records could be criminally prosecuted.

Border Patrol agents transported the two remaining foreigners to the Ramey Station for immigration processing.