Mayor Jim Watson

 Mayor Jim Watson and the City of Ottawa formally notified the Government of Ontario that they were declaring a state of emergency due to flooding. The City of Ottawa is formally requesting financial assistance and additional resources on the ground to support city staff. 

Premier Doug Ford has said that I spoke with Mayor Watson this afternoon and re-iterated to him that the Province of Ontario would support the City of Ottawa during this difficult time. Our government has initiated the process to facilitate the City of Ottawa’s request. Solicitor General Sylvia Jones has asked Minister Ralph Goodale for the assistance of the Canadian Armed Forces in dealing with the flooding.

Premier Doug Ford

I will be travelling to Ottawa first thing tomorrow morning to meet with city officials, tour the areas impacted by the flooding, and meet with residents to ensure they’re getting the support they need from their provincial government.

Anything Ottawa needs to help affected families and support city staff on the ground, the Province of Ontario will be there to support them.

I was recently in Bracebridge, Port Sydney and Huntsville to visit the site of the flooding in that region. It broke my heart to hear from the men and women who watched as their families’ livelihoods were destroyed.

But, it was amazing to see the dedicated staff on the ground working around the clock to help. It was comforting to know that we have the world’s best crews looking after us.

My message to Mayor Watson and the people of Ottawa is this: together, we will get through this.”