Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed hinted that all those who plundered national wealth would be behind bars till June this year as next two months are very crucial for national politics. He was talking to newsmen at Hassanabdal on Wednesday. He added that due to looming threat on the borders, the accountability process span was slowed down but he predicted that all thieves will be sent behind bars within next two to three months.

He claimed that the corrupt leaders laundered billions of rupees abroad from national exchequer and they were finding the ways to leave the country now. Responding another question, the minister said that war is not iin nterest of any country. He claimed that Modi regime wants to divert attention of the international community from the burning issue of Kashmir by opening different hostile fronts through land and air with Pakistan and such nefarious designs would be foiled.

He said that after Prime Minister Imran Khan would sign an agreement with China for the renovation of the main line-I (ML-1) from Peshawar to Karachi on April 27, the railways ministry would generate 150,000 jobs. He added that renovation of the main line-I (ML-1), it would be followed by renovation of the main line up to V.

He once again reiterated his claims that PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif demanding National Reconciliation Ordinance and revealed that some of the leaders of PTI are in favor of it. He claimed that the foreign company which has facilitated money laundering for former President Asif Ali Zardai has also facilitated for Sharif brother to purchase properties and he would reveal the name of the company on April 15.

He said that with his efforts 24 new trains started running on various routes of the country while railways is planning to introduce 16 more trains on various routes. He added that he would make efforts to launch new train for Sind as a gift to PPP and Bilawal Zardari and introduce new trains in KP where railway structure is available but presently no train service is available for masses. He said that new tracks would also be laid on various potential routes of KP and Sind.

He claimed that Baba Guru Nanak- the founder of Sikh religion loved trains (and therefore uninterrupted train approach to his temple at Nanakana Sahib would be made. He said that model railway station would be constructed at Hassanabdal and Nanakana Sahib while direct access to train at the Sikh temple at Nankana Sahib would be made and a sum of Rs 180 million would be spent on this project.

He said that he made directions to made straight approach from railway station to Sikh temple and in this connection all building which would be affected would be demolished and all the owners would be compensated accordingly.

Responding a question about closure of much-publicized circular train service Dhabeji Express which was inaugurated by President Dr Arif Alvi on October 31, 2018, he clarified that the service was not closed for the people of Karachi , it instead has shifted it to Shah Latif Express. “I am a businessman. No train service was called off. Dhabeji train had fewer passengers that’s why it was suffering from losses.” He told media persons in lighter mood.

Earlier the minister visited various sections of under construction modern railway station which is being constructed with an allocation of Rs 250 Million. On this occasion, he expressed his displeasure over slow pace of work as in his previous visit he made announcement that the construction work would be completed before April 2019. He directed railway staff and contractor to expedite work and make sure to complete the work before Besakhi next year. On this occasion he also directed divisional superintendent railways, tehsil nazim and assistant commissioner to remove all movable and immovable encroachments around railway station before April 12 to ensure security and safety of visiting Sikh pilgrims.