President Dr. Arif Alvi says Pakistan is keen to enhance its bilateral ties with France and explore new avenues of cooperation in realms of trade and investment for mutual benefit of both the countries.

He was talking to Chairman of Pakistan-France Business Council of Medef International and President of Total Global Services Thierry Pflimlin.

The President underscored that Pakistan offers various investment opportunities for French investors especially in the sectors like manufacturing, housing, tourism, communications, and road infrastructure.

He said Pakistan follows a consistent investment policy having several lucrative incentives like full repatriation of capital, capital gains, high rate of return, dividends, and profits. 

He said Foreign Companies are allowed to use borrowing facilities both from local and foreign banks.

Arif Alvi said CPEC with its wide portfolio of projects in the domains of energy, roads and Railway Networks, Software Development and many others offer invaluable opportunities for French Companies. 

He said seven special economic zones have been established in Pakistan.

He invited the French Companies to come forward and have joint ventures with local and Foreign Companies to become part of Global value chain. 

He assured that the government is committed to facilitate the Private Sector in each and every step of their project cycle.

The President said that given Pakistan’s Economic Potential, the International Community views it as a highly attractive investment destination. He reiterated that Pakistan welcomes French Investors and Entrepreneurs.