Twenty guests were treated to a dinner fit for Midas, with decadent 24 carat gold-covered dishes prepared by French artist and performer Frederique Lecerf.

The meal was billed as an artistic performance and organized by the curators of vanities gallery in Paris, Thierry Tessier and Victoria Zhong, who said they wanted to critique the gold market but also to show the importance of the material in contemporary art.

Underneath the thin sheets of gold, the menu itself was simple including chicken and hard-boiled eggs, vegetable crisps spray-painted with gold, and gold-covered pastries for dessert.

Each sheet of gold costs around 2.50 Euros and Lecerf said hers was fair trade.

The guests dressed for the occasion, which celebrated extravagance and exuberance as part of a wider exhibition at the vanities gallery.

The dinner, which was priced at 40 euros per person, sold out within three days.