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The act of merciless killings in a Masjid (Mosque) of Newzealand has proved that Muslims are not terrorists rather are the victims of terrorism . Terrorists have no religion and are worst than the beasts . This was stated during a meeting of ” Alburaq News” which was attended by Syed Inam Kazmi , Muhammad Sabrin ,Zargham Ali ,Atif Shah,Irfan Nazir Malik, Malik Zeeshan,Malik Zafar, Sohail Ahmed,Asif Khan,Talal Khan,Arif Zaidi,Sajid Shah,Qamar Ali and others .

During the  meeting the killing of innocent muslim worshippers by an Australian Christian terrorist was condemned and urged upon the world to call him terrorist not a shooter. The terrorist who killed innocent worshippers was neither a psycho case nor mentally retarded person as he attackeda mosque after a planning and another proof of his mental fitness is live streaming on facebook of his act of terrorism .

The Alburaq journalists said that this reaffirms that what we always maintained that terrorists does not have a religion and said that this is nothing but Islamophohia where muslims are being blamed for act of terrorism. They said , killing defenceless worshippers is absolutely tragic . Our love , thoughts and dympathies go out to them and all of their families , all of their frineds and all of their loved ones.

The journalists paid special tributes to Naeem Rashid a real Pakistani Hero who displayed unmatched audacity and exemplary courage . Naeem tried to apprehend the terrorist and tried to stop him from killing worshippers , even whole his son Talha got shot at the mosque . Naeem rushed unarmed  towards the terorist , doing whatever he could make to stop the  culrpit . He will always be rembered as Hero.