Old Jerusalem Custodian of the Holy Land Christmas tree. Photo: Djampa/Wikimedia Commons.

The city of Jerusalem will distribute complimentary Christmas trees to certain area residents on Thursday.

It’s part of the holy city’s “Christmas preparations, which include hanging festive lighting and flags in areas of the city where the holiday is celebrated,” according to a press release from the municipality.

The neighborhoods include the Christian Quarter in the Old City, Beit Hanina and the Mar-Elias road, and other main pilgrimage routes.

Additionally, Jerusalem increased the rounds of city cleaning and landscaping crews in church areas.

Moreover, the Municipal Licensing Department is working with the Old City’s Christian residents to expedite approvals and give assistance for holiday events in the Christian Quarter.

Finally, the police is working with the municipality “to ensure that as visitors come to the city for pilgrimage and processionals, traffic and parking run smoothly,” according to the press release.



by JNS.org