Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.Photo: European Council
Brexit, the EU budget for 2021–2027 (Multiannual Financial Framework), foreign policy and migration are some of the issues to be addressed when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the other EU leaders meet in Brussels on 13–14 December.

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU is an issue currently dominating the EU agenda. During the meeting, the EU leaders will discuss the continued process, which has been brought into sharp focus in light of the current uncertainty of political developments in the UK.

At the meeting, the Austrian Presidency will give the heads of state and government a status update of the ongoing negotiations on the EU budget for 2021–2027 (Multiannual Financial Framework). The EU leaders will have the opportunity to present their priorities in the negotiations and their view of when the negotiations should be concluded.

At the meeting, the heads of state and government will adopt the conclusions on the status of the single market, i.e. the cooperation on free movement of goods, people, services and capital.

Migration and foreign policy

Austria, which holds the Presidency, will report on the state of negotiations on migration issues. The heads of state and government will then adopt conclusions on the ongoing negotiations.

The EU leaders will also make preparations ahead of the EU-League of Arab States summit on 24–25 February 2019 and discuss the situation in the Sea of Azov.

Mr Löfven will also take part in the Euro Summit, a meeting of countries using the euro as their currency, to which the other EU countries are also invited. They will discuss EMU deepening and how euro cooperation can be moved forward.