Police in Paris have fired rubber bullets and tear gas as a fourth weekend of anti-government protests across France turned violent.Almost 1,000 people have been taken into custody nationwide.

Parisian hospital authorities said 126 people had been injured in the city, but none seriously. At least three police officers were also hurt.

The “Yellow Vest” movement opposed fuel tax rises but ministers say it has been hijacked by “ultra-violent” protesters.

An estimated 125,000 demonstrators gathered across the country, with 10,000 of them in the capital, where the scenes were the most destructive.Looters have been seen smashing shop fronts, and cars have been set on fire.

In a television address, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the troublemakers were still at work.He called for more communication between the government and protesters to resolve the conflict. “the dialogue has begun. He said. “it is now necessary to rebuild the national unity.”